From the beginning, Earnest Ice Cream has been about more than just a product. We want to make the best, most inspiring ice cream we can and we want to make the world a better place.

To do that, we start at home, letting our bioregion and local economy motivate and inform our business choices. We source most of our ingredients locally; the hazelnuts in our bestselling Whiskey Hazelnut ice cream come from Agassiz, our cranberries are grown in Pitt Meadows, and our sour cherries in Okanagan, to name a few.

We support local farms because, frankly, they grow delicious food — and because they contribute to a more sustainable world. Right now global climate change is having significant and accelerating impacts on ecosystems, economies, and communities. Since 2014, we’ve been working with Bullfrog Power to source green electricity and, as a result, our shop has prevented approximately 8.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering B.C.’s atmosphere. More recently, we’ve partnered with Climate Smart to measure and reduce our carbon footprint. With the help of Recycling Alternative, we’ve diverted 13,710 lbs of waste from landfills in the last year.

A lot of people recognize Earnest Ice Cream by the glass jars our ice cream comes in. We chose to use jars because they’re pretty (nothing wrong with that) and because we have a goal of becoming a zero waste company. After you’re done with your ice cream, you can wash out and return your jar and lid for a dollar back. Every jar returned saves energy expended on making a new one, so we really love when people bring their jars back.

Earnest Ice Cream started out of a friendship. Today, it’s still just a bunch of people who care about good food, environmental and social justice, and each other. We recognize our employees’ hard work and passion through an extended benefits program and a profit-sharing program. When it comes down to it, our business is about making people happy and building relationships.

We might just be making ice cream but the way we do it is what matters to us. Call us big dreamers, but we believe businesses can lead transformational change towards an ecologically resilient and thriving world.