Our commitments

We founded Earnest Ice Cream on the idea that a business can and should be accountable to our communities and contribute in a real way to positive change in the world.

We are committed to:

  • Continuous learning and improvement.
  • Helping to advance justice, equity, reconciliation and decolonization in our communities, starting with our own organization.
  • Deepening relationships with our suppliers, while choosing the most sustainable and ethical options available.
  • Strengthening local food systems through supporting growers and makers.
  • Addressing climate change through operational improvements and advocacy.
  • Reducing waste towards the goal of becoming a Zero Waste company.

A customer shown hands only returning a pint jar in exchange for a loonie

We act on these commitments by:

  • Conducting a company-wide diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) audit and implementing an internal DEI committee to help identify ongoing improvements on the journey to become a more just and inclusive workplace.
  • Donating 1% of revenue to organizations and causes doing critical work in our communities. Learn more about our partnerships here.
  • Sourcing local, ethical, fair trade and organic ingredients, whenever possible.
  • Working with Climate Smart (since 2015!) to track, report and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Fighting climate change with carbon neutral operations.
  • Powering our production kitchen with 100% renewable natural gas from Bullfrog Power.
  • Providing compostable, reusable or edible packaging.
  • Being the first ice cream company to pack our pints in refillable, returnable glass jars. Last year we received over 191,063 jar returns!
  • Continuously working on our goal to become a zero waste company. Learn more about our path to zero waste.
  • Adding our voice to coalitions and partnerships advocating for climate action at all levels of government.

Bullfrog Power, Climate Smart and LOCO BC logos

Earnest Ice Cream pint of Spruce bud flavoured ice cream on a white table with fresh/spruce buds.