We are a values-driven company crafting Vancouver’s best ice cream using local, seasonal ingredients and an obsession with quality and service.

Got questions for us?

Flavours & Ingredients

We list our menu online every day, by location. Updated each day when the shops open.

They don’t contain any animal products (dairy, egg & honey free).

It varies flavour to flavour, but they are usually coconut milk and/or house made nut mylks. 

We have rotating flavours that launch on the 1st of each month. This means everyone’s favourite flavour gets a turn. And, it allows us to bring out new and exciting flavours and highlight seasonal ingredients.

Email us or ask your scooper! (We are not a nut free or gluten free facility) 


In our production facility in East Van – our Frances St location.

Ordering & Events

$5.60 single scoop

$8.00 double scoop

$13.00 pints

$7.75/$8.75 sundaes

$7.75 sammies

(scoops include cone or cup and pint includes $1 jar deposit, prices do not include tax)

Yes! Visit our website for order details or email us at events@earnesticecream.com

Yes! We have many options available.

Check out our events page or email us at events@earnesticecream.com.

Yes! Available for purchase in store or on our website.

Yes! A range of items, available for purchase in any of our four scoop shops.

Large black hoodie with Earnest Ice Cream cone design in white.

Returns & Deliveries

Anywhere you can purchase our pints! (Our scoop shops or retailers)

We do not deliver at this time. But our ice cream is available through Spud.ca and Legends Haul grocery delivery.

Jobs & Contact

Check out our website for current postings or send your resume to jobs@earnesticecream.com

Scoop of chocolate ice cream in a cone, prepared by Earnest Ice Cream of Vancouver.