Vegan Cherry Chocolate Ripple Sammie

A velvety smooth chocolate cherry dream! Vegan chocolate cake is sandwiched around our vegan cherry base (made with sour cherries from Jobst farms in the Okanagan) with rich chocolate sauce rippled throughout. The sweet chocolate notes play perfectly with the slightly tart cherry base, resulting in a wonderfully smooth, balanced treat!




Contains Gluten, Alcohol (Trace), Cocoa


Outer Vegan Chocolate Cake: Sugar, Canola Oil, Water, Organic All Purpose Flour, Cocoa Powder, Coffee Extract, Organic Vanilla, Salt, Baking Soda, Vinegar.
Vegan Cherry Ice Cream: Coconut Milk, Sour Cherry Puree, Sugar, Rice Syrup Solids, Vanilla, Citric Acid, Salt, Locust bean gun, Guar gum, Inulin.
Vegan Chocolate Ripple: Extra Brute Cocoa Powder, Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Salt, Coffee Extract, Coconut Cream