Citrus Tart

A delicious mistake. While making our delicious Lemon Tart Ice Cream this summer we made a limited run with orange instead of lemon in the base.

Inspired by our Lemon Tart Ice Cream, this flavour is a perfect combination of tart and sweet.Rich buttery, flaky, house-made pie crust is added to our ice cream base and stirred throughout. Then our lemon curd is swirled through every tub as the ice cream comes out of the machine.

The pie crust stays crisp and buttery while the lemon curd adds a layer of sweet and tart creaminess throughout. Every layer has been made with the perfect bite in mind!

Contains Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Alcohol (Trace)


Cream, Skim milk, Lemon curd (eggs, lemon juice, sugar, butter), Sugar, Pie Crust (organic flour, butter, water, canola oil, sugar, vinegar, salt), Skim milk powder, Egg yolk, Organic vanilla extract, Orange oil, Locust bean gum, Guar gum, Carrageenan.