Lavender Shortbread

A fresh take on our classic spring/summer lavender ice cream! We add lavender flowers directly into our ice cream base and let it steep overnight to infuse the flavour, then strain it. Our lavender is sourced from Bilston Creek Farm on Vancouver Island and is an English Lavender, giving it creamy yet floral herbaceous flavour. Our house-made shortbread is rich and buttery (made from flour, icing sugar, butter, a hint salt and of lemon extract) and is added as an inclusion for a slight crumbly texture.

Contains Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Gluten (Trace/Contact)


Cream, Skim Milk, Sugar, Organic All Purpose Flour, Butter, Icing Sugar, Milk, Lavender, Skim Milk Powder, Egg Yolk, Salt, Lemon Extract, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan