Thanks for choosing Earnest Ice Cream for your local event!

Sadly, we are not activating our events team this summer due to COVID-19. Not being able to service large groups, coupled with a reduced summer team means that our focus this year will be towards our scoop shops and ensuring that our customers and teams remain healthy and safe.

If you were hoping to enjoy Earnest Ice Cream at an event this summer, we do have some options!


We have two tub sizes available:

  • 5L (serves 25-30 single scoops) – $70
  • 11L (serves 50-60 single scoops) – $125


  • Waffle cones or biodegradable cup/spoon combos – $0.50 each
  • Rent an Earnest Cooler – holds up to two 11.4L tubs – $50 per day
  • Commercial grade ice cream scoops can be purchased – $20

Flavour availability depends on our current offerings. We kindly ask for 2 weeks notice for all inquiries.

Reminder: ice cream melts! It needs to be in a freezer within 20-30 minutes of pickup from our shop right up until service otherwise the quality may be compromised. 

*Pickups are exclusively from our Frances St location*

Event Inquiry Form

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  • Options outlined above the form