Vegan Rocky Road Sammie

Our vegan version of the sweet and salty crowd-favourite! We use a chocolate-coconut base that’s lighter than our classic vegan chocolate ice cream to let the inclusions shine. Generous amounts of roasted peanuts and vegan marshmallows are sprinkled throughout for a wonderful mixture of crunchy and chewy bites.
The vegan marshmallows are from Dandies – they contain no gelatin, no corn syrup, and no artificial colour or flavour.

Contains Gluten, Alcohol (Trace,) Cocoa, Corn (Dextrose), Peanuts, Soy


Outer cake: Sugar, Canola Oil, water, Coffee Extract, Organic All Purpose Flour, Cocoa Powder, Organic Vanilla extract, Salt, Baking Soda, Vinegar Ice Cream: Coconut milk, Sugars (sugar*, dextrose, sugar, maple syrup), Water, Cocoa powder, Coconut cream, Vanilla extract*, Salt, Locust bean gum*, Guar gum*, Inulin. *Organic Inclusions: Vegan marshmallows [sugars (cassava syrup, cane syrup), water, cassava starch, carrageenan, soy protein, natural vanilla flavour], Roasted peanuts (peanuts, coconut oil, salt)